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The community of Holyhead elect 16 Councillors every 5 years to serve on the Town Council. These Councillors serve the community in their own time and get £150 allowance if they choose to claim it. At the annual general meeting the council elects the Town Mayor, who serves for one year until the next AGM. The elected members also represent the Town Council on various statuatory bodies.

The Town Council provides the following services to the community of Holyhead, it maintains 6 playing fields in the area, the Town Hall that is used by various local organisations, Maeshyfryd Cemetery, Plas Road Allotments, Bus Shelters,The Cenotaph, Information Boards, Left Luggage Facility in the Port,  cleaning of the Celtic Gateway Bridge, and is partly responsible for the Town Clock .

The council also employs a Town Clerk and Deputy Clerk who are responsible for the financial management of the council budget, and also advise the council at council meetings and sub committees in accordance with the local government acts. It also employs a further 24 staff in various roles. Also one part time clerk typist who is responsible for maintaining the council's database dealing with the day-to-day enquiries in the Town Hall and taking minutes at council meetings. A part time caretaker is responsible for keeping the Town Hall clean and opening and closing the Town Hall. Also employed by the council is a handyman and assistant handyman who maintains the Council's playing fields and also minor maintenance of the Town Hall, 2 members of staff are employed down in the port to run the left luggage office, 2 members of staff and 1 relief are employed to run the Cemetery.

The Town Council donate each year over £4,000 to worthy local causes, which include the Maritime Festival, llaingoch flower festival and the provision of Dictionaries to every primary school pupil who is going to the High school for the first time.

In May 2013 the Town Council have taken on a 25 year lease of the Empire building in the Town and has been successful in obtaining a grant to re-furbish the old Cinema to modern day standard's and opened a new Soft Play Centre on the ground floor for all ages.